Wednesday, March 11, 2009


My first trip to a Sonic was a success!

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  1. Hey, I see you are doing your 365 project as well. I also have a P365 blog but in Croatian, at our local blogging service. Anyways, I would like to add you to my P365 blogroll, so just wanted to let you know. I will probably send you an email or something to ask you some questions on P365 as a little feature under the one of next few uploads on my blog.

    Anyways, the adress is, if you would like to leave a comment you can press comment, it will open a comment page in the new tab and you just have to type the comment in the left bog box, and the top little box saying Nadimak is the place you put your Nickname/name. Just press Pošalji when your done, wait a few seconds and a comment should be uploaded and shown there. anyways, i'm glad I bumped into ya. have a nice day.


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